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Another Reason not to Bungee Earthquake On The Highway Motorcyclist Flattened By Car
Oh man this is not good...
Check out this short clip. Real or fake?
I feel bad for the guy, he was almost there
13 Gram Blunt 2 women get hit by cars 4 Minutes Long Bike Stunts Compilation
These guys use 13 grams of weed to smoke 1 blunt, damn that must get you high!
What is it with these women, they must have build-in airbags
This is the best collection of bike stunts I have seen so far. Feel free to pause the video at the nice ass seen!
A Good Idea Aircraft Accidents And Crashes Compilation Ali G talks with the DEA about drugs
I wonder at what point did this stunt seem like a good idea to these little morons!
All the craziest air crashes caught on tape shown in one clip!
Ali G talks with the DEA about drugs, very funny clip
Amateur Porno Day (Not Actually Porno) Amazing Tetris Skills Anaconda Ownage
This guys gonna make it big in the industry
Its hard to believe this is real, but as far as I know it is. The guy messes up a few times, but manages to recover. Amazing…
Omg, this dude is in big big trouble. A massive anaconda has his grib on him and is not willing to let go. Experience his 6 minutes of hell!
ATV Compilation Awake camera man Awesome Basketball Skills
A compilation of mostly successfull ATV stunts. Their is a bad wipeout in the middle you got to checkout.
This Danish camera man gets tired of waiting so he decides to have a look around with his camera, pretty funny what he comes across.
These guys rock. Very impressive how fast they are, and still manage to keep control over the ball.
Awesome weapon Bad Biker Crash Bad Skater Fall
You gotta see this video, amazing what kind of firepower these guys have
This dude crashed his bike at a very high speed, but he wasn't the only one...
Bam, that must have really hurt. Boom headshot, oh oops that’s from a different clip
Base Jumping / Sky Diving Compilation Base Jumping Nightmare Batman-fetish
girl is sleeping on a big inflated couch and her friend jumps on the other side to send her flying. You might want to watch it a few times to see exactly whats going on there. I bet it hurt a lot
Welcome to the freak show, you are about to experience a first person view of how NOT to base-jump. This video is horrible!
The things some people do to get turned on these days is just mad. Like the ending, pretty funny.
Bike Gets Owned By A Car Biker Slams into the pavement hard Bob Saget
Yep always keep your eyes open when you’re driving. Man this guy went flying.
Biker Slams into the Pavement Hard smashing his face open, don't these people visit dumpalink? I mean this has happened 50 times before!
This guy is seriously messed up!
Break Dancer Falls Off The Stage Brittney Spears Sex Tape Butterfly or Vagina?
This guy is actually really good, but he gets a little too close to the edge of the stage!
The moment you have been waiting for, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have put a rather spicy clip online.
Can you tell what it is
Cheating Lion Chopper Spy Chris Angel's ButterFly Trick
The lion got busted big time!
So you think when you take your girl friend out somewhere far away in the fields, to have some sex, that you get a bit of privacy. Well your wrong, check out this video. Make sure you put the volume up, so you can here what they say.
Chris Angel is back, this time with his butterfly trick. Im still not sure how he does it.
Chriss Angel - Teleport Climbing Bleachers Close call
Once again Mr. Chriss Angel is doing a crazy stunt. Although I usually think they are pretty amazing, this time it's just a little too fake for me.
Some high school kid is dared to climb some pretty friggin tall bleachers from the back. He pulls of the stunt in under one minute.
This guy is skydiving and almost gets hit by an airplane.
Cool Bike Stunts Crackhead Cribs Crackheads looking for crack
Compilation of bike stunts. Some go well, some don’t
Great little piss take on MTV cribs
Is this stuff for real?
Crazy Bull Runs Crazy Skills Crazy Swallow Trick
Why would someone volunteer to run here? Im starting to understand less and less about people in this world!
You've gotta have some strength and skill to do this!
Ah man this is sick, I bet she swallows anything…
Crusty X Demons Video Compilation Cyril Candy Magic Damn She Is Wasted
Extreme motorcycling stunts compilation, these guys are awesome! Its a 20Mb video so its a long one
Woooh, mwwwiaaaaa, bowaaaa. Lol im just doing the Asian audience
I love this video, some chick tries to climb over a little railing, something which takes no effort what so ever, when your not completely wasted.
Date Number One Dave Chappelle: O'Dweeds ESPN Top 10 Knockouts
He seems like a great guy doesn't he? Hilarious clip!
Yet another funny Dave Chapelle clip
A collection of the best knock outs in recent years.
Extreme Bike Tricks Extreme French Watersports Extreme Women Wrestling Neck Break
These guys show some extreme bike balancing skills.
This guy must get all the hairy-armpitted chicks.
The most devastating move ever in womens wrestling I have ever seen! The announcers in this clip are pure genius!
Female Boxer Is going Down HARD Flat Nose Flexible Arms
Haha this is great to watch, chick doing boxing. The white chick goes does down hard after the other chick hits her in the face.
Meet flat nose. A dog that thinks he is a cat!
I didnt know this was possible without releasing your hands at some point.
Four Wheeler Crashes After Jump Funny & Extreme Clips Compilation Funny Owned/Accident Compilation
Well the driver almost pulled off this jump but lost it at the end throwing him over the handle bars and then nearly running him over.
Another great set of video clips wrapped into a compilation.
These clips are always great
Girl Gets Owned By Herself Girls Kissing Going To Court Stoned Out Of Your Mind
Yes guys that's right, she made herself crash by putting her foot in between the spokes.
Once again how can we not post a couple of cute girls kissing
This dude is hilarious so high he cant even talk to judge Judy or form any proper sentence.
Grand Pa on XTC Grils Kissing at Spring Break Gross Coin Trick
Loving this shit, check out this grand pa at a german hardcore party. Im pretty sure he's on E. He's a real pimp in those cloths! Hakkuh!
Yeah, thats the shit! Crazy SB girls making out.
How the hell could he pull off a trick like that? I have no idea how he did this. It has to be fake though, well i hope it is anyway.
GTI explodes on a dyno. Guys Live Saved By A Tree hey guys watch this movie
That was not suppose to happen
He would have been seriously hurt if that tree wasn’t there!
This might be one of the worse BMX crashes I have ever seen. A guy tries to ride on the rail of a very large staircase but starts to wipe out early in the stunt crashing down the concrete stairs.
Hi Speed Motorcyle Wheelie Hockey Death Horny Bunny
Pretty impressive clip of a guy doing about 100 miles an hour while popping a wheelie and kicking his feet above the handle bars.
This dude is in some serious trouble!
This bunny gets intimate with a baloon. Damn he's happy, but then... it pops. Haha.
How To Learn A Flip On A BMX Hypnotized people give oral sex to cucumbers! Hypno-Orgasms
This is probably the best way to learn a flip on a BMX. He doesn’t give up, but does he succeed? See for your self
This is simply hilarious, but I still think hypnotism is a big load of crap!
This is great, hypnotize some people, and tell hem hey are having an orgasm. What better TV can you ask for
Huge Joint Insane Truck Wheelie Iraqi Soldier Getting Stoned?
These guys role a huge joint out of way too much weed
You guys have probably never seen a big truck do a wheelie, nor did I untill today
Nice guys, that’s why the war didn’t go too well for those Iraqi soldiers. They were all stoned
Kangaroo Masturbation Kid learns to Ride a Motorbike Lacrosse Game Takes Wrong Turn
Haha this is hilarious! Watch how the kangaroo gives himself a good time
Not not give it gas, NO GAS. What does the donkey do… well you’ll see
Seems like a fun sport to me
Lego Joint Mad Monkey Business Marissa Miller Photo Shoot
Awesome stop animation of a lego man rolling a joint.
This monkey has found a new way of masturbating, or lets just say, keep him happy.
This hottie has been on dumpalink before, but this time we have posted an extra long video for you. This chick is looking smoking hot!
Massive 1 Ounce Joint Matrix Cow Mini Machine Gun
Nice, I havent made one of these in god knows how long
No messing about with this cow
This guy built a fully operable but very small mini machine gun. Check out how fast he goes through apx 60 rounds
Mini-Bike Looping Narcoleptic Dog No Riding Whilst Smoking
This guy actually pulls it off after a few failed attempts.
Rusty the Narcoleptic Dog falls asleep in the middle of running around. Hilarious.
Haha yet another hilarious clip of Dave Chappelle. The end is the funniest bit.
Playing Hard To Get Radio controlled car at 200 MPH REAL Kung-Fu
This female zebra is either playing hard to get or is just plain scared of the size of the male zebra.
Oh my god, this thing goes so insanely fast you can hardly see it.
You've seen it in the movies, now check out what real kung-fu looks like from authentic masters.
Redneck Chain Reaction Scottish Drug Rehab Centre Serious Strength And Balance
Pretty well made chain reaction video, guys must have had a little too much time on their hands. Where did they get the inspiration from?
Yet another clip from the great show Little Britain.
I bet that took some practice. You guys try this as well ok, and then video tape it
Sex in public, too public Spongebong Hemppants The Smoking Ape
These people had no idea they were being videotaped. I know having sex in public is ‘hot’, but make sure nobody sees you!
Who lives in a bong in a dormatory? SpongeBong Hemppants! The misadventures of Spongebob Squarepant's subculture doppelganger, Spongebong Hemppants
Charlie, a grown male chimp at the Bloemfontein Zoo in South Africa picked up a smoking habit after being tossed cigarettes from zoo visitors.
Tickle Me Too Damn Wasted Tube Socks Unite
An amazing tickling invention. I've got to get me one of these
This guy is funny, he's so wasted on something (Drugs, alochol, you tell me). He can even stand up, he tries to though, but fails every time. Hilarious!
I got no words for this clip…
World's Greatest Lover You getting sleepy Anal Bleaching
Well I think its safe to say that he’s pretty much gone… out of the window.
This guy manages to put like 30 people to sleep at once.
I never would have thought of this. The hotties from Myspace